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Slide In India 7/10 who Upskill, do not get the Jobs they aspire.
Challenger Companies find it hard to Hire Talent.
We solve both sides of this problem at TFH.
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In Tech & Outreach

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Global Digital Gigs

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Access The Team that did 3000+ Hires for 100+ Clients

“Our core team in previous client engagements has successfully helped 100’s of clients hire TECH Talent, most of who turn to us even today for critical talent fulfillment

Flexibility of Contract to Hire

Upskilled Candidates are best hired in Contract to Hire mode, to ensure seriousness to perform. Also who doesn’t love a reward of converting to direct payroll if they perform. Hence a Win – Win for employee & employer.

Or Liberty to Hire Directly on your rolls

If you are convinced of the New Hires talent to drive outcomes, you are free to hire directly

Pre-Trained Digital Talent + Performance Coach @ 10 USD per hour

Entry Level Digital Talent with 0-3 years experience, forms 50-70% of every IT Org. But they contribute <30% of total Deliverables. Here is how we are changing that and doubling the productivity of the Talent for New Web.

Save on Team Upskilling Costs

Our 0-3 year talent are already pretrained by an Individual Expert, be it Low Code OR Node JS. You do not have to invest on Training. If you have a special need, we can get that done too.

Hire & Manage Productivity

We help you hire, deploy them on contract to hire model, so they have an urge to perform and assist the Techie / Marketer with Expert Performance Coach on tech hacks to culture alignment and much more to deliver 2x.

TFH - Trained For Hire - 3000 Team
TFH - Trained For Hire - Devops, Engineers

Performance a.k.a Career Accelerator

For the Digital Talent to truly succeed we need to empower them with our 4 way approach to give them a well rounded take off, so they ensure 2x productivity in their projects & grow faster.   

Industry Academy & Technical Courses

This forms the foundation to give them Deeper Technical Learning via Live + Recorded e-learning. Additionally the Industry Academy will also empower them with knowledge of the client project industry as well as cultural sensitivities to become better product engineers.

Ownership Workshops & Personalised Coaching

We introduce our deployed talent to “Extreme Ownership” in a Workshop Mode with a Cohort, so they evolve faster as responsible professionals. Also complement that with Personalised weekly coaching by experts from Tech Hacks to Counselling for them to perform better.

Talent from 30 Indian Cities

We Do NOT Do everything under the sun. Specialized
Focus on 10 KEY Digital Skills Only . Key are…
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Development Engineers

The Makers Come First. Talent in TOP 5 Dev Skills is what we provide.

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Cloud Operations

Every Build is NOW Deployed in Cloud. Manage Performance with DevOps.

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UI/UX Designers

Designers who drive User Experience that ensures business success.

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Product Management

Single Threaded management of Agile Development ensures timely results.

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Mobile / Game Developer

Interactivity at the next level with Gamification with

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Application Testing

Release Confidently with QA and Automation at speed.

Our Clients